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Our Pledge would not be effective without the creativity and generosity of people like you. We believe that change can only be achieved if empowered individuals focus their energies for the greater good. Through this Pledge, we wish to call forth the people in Pakistan who have dedicated their lives to the spirit of social development and economic stewardship.

Do you believe you have a solution to help Pakistan get through these challenging times?

Criteria for your idea:

  • Sustainability
  • Scalability
  • Minimal in cost per beneficiary

Criteria for your organization:

  • Good credibility
  • Track record of successful work
  • Audited accounts for the last 3 years

We invite Pakistan’s most inventive minds to join in our efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by submitting your ideas or intent to pledge, along with a brief profile on you and your organization, by completing the below form and uploading relevant supporting documents.


Statement of Need

The statement of need should describe the problem that the project will attempt to address. also, describe the population that will be served.

Program Description

This should describe the project or program, its goals and objectives, as well as the applicant’s background and qualifications. also, provide information on how it will be implemented. include information on what will be accomplished and the desired outcome.

Geographical location

This should justify the location you have selected, i.e. remote location, low on human development index, absence of industry or other economic opportunities, malnourishment, infant mortality, etc.

Project Impact

This should include a baseline of your current efforts/impact numbers, expected number of beneficiaries and spend per beneficiary (requested contribution/total beneficiaries). a beneficiary selection criteria and the need to maintain a beneficiary database with CNIC, contact etc.

Project Details part-1

Area of intervention

Nature of request

Project Components and Financing part-1

Fill in the table presenting the relationships among project components, activities, list of relevant stakeholders, expected concrete outputs, and the corresponding budgets.

Project Components Expected Concrete Outputs Expected Outcomes Amount (PKR)
Project Execution Cost
Total Project Cost
Amount of Financing Requested

Projected Calendar: part-1

Indicate the dates of the following milestones for the proposed project/programme