The Dawood Foundation (TDF) was the “materialization of a decade old dream” of the founder, Ahmed Dawood which became a reality in 1960. Mr. Hussain Dawood formed Engro Foundation with the belief that only with a purpose beyond profit do all commercial endeavors find meaning. He is also the Founder Chairman of Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL) which was established realizing the need for values-based leadership development for the transformation of Pakistan’s business enterprises. As Pakistan’s philanthropic efforts have matured and progressed, so has Dawood Group’s approach.

engro foundation

Engro Foundation was born from the passionate belief that only with a purpose beyond profit do all commercial endeavors find meaning. For over fifteen years we have supported and empowered innovation and supported partners in line with our core commitment to creating a lasting difference in the communities we engage in by perpetuating self-sustaining transformational initiatives. To maximize social and economic impact, Engro Foundation has pivoted to an inclusive business model that targets low-income communities where Engro businesses are based. This model enables underprivileged members of our society to emerge as potential business partners and become vendors, customers and employees in our business value chains.

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The Dawood Foundation

The Dawood family formed The Dawood Foundation in 1960 with a vision to empower individuals through learning and education. Beginning conventionally with the establishment of institutions, the foundation endeavors to introduce innovative interactive spaces for informal learning that serve everyone. Karachi School of Business and Leadership, Dawood Public School, MagnifiScience, TDF Ghar and TDF Nature Series are amongst the many projects the foundation has been working on.  TDF has donated to various hospitals and medical projects including contribution to the construction of the Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital and buildings in Aga Khan hospital. The Foundation has also been heavily involved in relief work during national disasters such as the cyclones in East Pakistan in the 1960s, the Kashmir and Baluchistan earthquakes in 2005 and 2008 respectively, the floods of Sindh and Punjab 2010, and the Thar drought of 2012.

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