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Pakistan, along with the world, faces an unprecedented, rapidly-evolving challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that is certain is that we must stand in solidarity and work on several fronts concurrently. The need of the hour is to target reduction of the spread and impact of this virus. For this purpose, Hussain Dawood, on behalf of Dawood Hercules Corporation, Engro Corporation, and his Family, pledged a contribution in services, kind, and cash of PKR 1 billion for the short-, medium-, and long-term. The pledge will focus on disease prevention, protecting and enabling healthcare practitioners and frontline workers, enabling patient care and facilities, and bolstering livelihoods and sustenance of the most deserving in society.

“It is a fact that the people of Pakistan are resilient, and I pray that they face this crisis with caution and care by heeding to the invaluable advice of healthcare professionals and caring for themselves."

Hussain Dawood
Chairman Dawood Hercules Corporation
Chairman Engro Corporation
Founder and Chairman Karachi School of Business and Leadership